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DarkRoomVR – Best AR Mixed Reality Passthrough Site

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AR porn is finally starting to take off, but it’s not in the form that most of us envisioned. While we vainly waited for a plethora of smartphone AR porn apps to appear, what happened was that a few VR porn enthusiasts discovered that mixed reality porn was possible with their Oculus Quest 2 headsets. The experimental ‘passthrough’ feature of the headset, which allows the user to slowly leave or renter his virtual environment, creates a mixed reality world, where what is being viewed in VR merges with his real surroundings. Word has quickly spread, that by moving your head just outside of your stationary boundary (a safety feature demarcating the virtual and real environments), you can watch a VR porn movie whilst also seeing your real surroundings…including your own dick. A very real sense of seeing the porn actress in your own home, and having sex with her on your sofa or bed, is created, and those who have tried it, are absolutely raving about how good it feels!

But not all VR porn movies are equal to the task of generating this ‘AR passthrough porn’. For it to work best, what is needed is a porn scene with a dark background, and where the actress is brightly lit (and it helps too if your room is well lit too). There is one VR porn site that excels in this, almost made for the purpose of passthrough AR porn – and it’s DarkRoomVR.

Stefany Kyler in A Time To Play by DarkRoomVR

Teen actress Stefany Kyler in the BDSM scene A Time To Play by DarkRoomVR

DarkRoomVR was launched by the VR porn studio behind the highly successful site VirtualTaboo. That site is famous, or infamous, for exploring taboo themes in VR, most notably the stepfamily or ‘fakecest’ niche. DarkRoomVR is similarly kinky, but instead of stepfamily scenes, the situations involve ‘transactional sex’, where the girl is agreeing to have sex for some kind of personal gain, such as getting a job contract, pleasing her boss, or making up to the neighbour who she upset with her loud music. The spotlight (literally) is on the girl, having sex in a somewhat uncomfortable situation, which the dark background serves to accentuate.

Like it’s older sister site, DarkRoomVR quickly estabilished itself as one of the top virtual reality porn sites. And it was 100% intended as a VR porn site. However, the unique way that it is filmed, has lent it to becoming a passthrough AR porn site like no other. Experiencing it as an AR porn site is easy. Just sit upright in your sofa or chair with your VR headset on, and set your stationary boundary immediately behind your head – so that if you lean back a little, you are passing out of it and into the mixed reality pass through zone. As mentioned above, it helps if your own room is brightly lit. With a new VR video release every week, you have a lot of passthrough porn to enjoy with a subscription to the site, which costs only $12.95 a month billed annually. It will be very interesting to see if the producers of DarkRoomVR actually start to produce scenes specifically for AR passthrough. For sure, when the new VR/AR headsets are released by Meta (Oculus) and Apple, there will be a number of sites starting to cater for the growing demand for this type of mixed reality porn.