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AR3X Review – CGI AR App with Potential

AR3X is a mobile AR porn site that is currently unique, at least as far as I know, in that the augmented reality girls are completely CGI generated rather than 3D scans of live action recorded real pornstars. No downloadable app is needed to view the AR content, simply go to their site directly on your AR capable smartphone. Access is subscription based, but there is one free demo of a girl for you to try before you buy.

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One would think that using CGI created girls would offer advantages over the expensive and complicated volumetric scanning of real pornstars. One advantage is clearly that the site can offer as many different girls as they can create, limited only by their imagination and skill at designing the 3D characters. There are currently a dozen or so different girls offered here, and they vary somewhat in their quality and realism. The girls range from nude to non-nude, and engage in a variety of different movements, from simply strutting around your home, to having sex with another 3D character.

The movements of the AR girls themselves are pretty fluid, which again is likely an advantage of the cgi over live volumetric capture. Where it falls down is in the placement of the girls, or ‘anchoring’, which I found not to be very convincing. The girls would appear to float above whatever surface I attempted to anchor them to. This uncanny appearance of floating is not helped by the fact that each virtual girl casts a vague but obvious shadow seemingly directly underneath them.

Perhaps it’s personal taste, but I can’t help feeling that purely CGI 3D girls miss something of the attraction of AR porn, which is surely having the illusion of real pornstars in your living room or bedroom. At the same time, however, as noted above, digital girls offer advantages to push AR porn on a little faster, such as theoretically making it easier for the viewer to interact with them. However, there is no extra interaction here as yet.

The AR3X web based app currently costs $1.99 to fully access. It has a lot of promise, but as all AR porn apps currently on the market, it still feels little more than a demo. However, I suspect it could improve a lot more quickly than the live action AR apps that are available, and taking out a $2 monthly subscription now could prove to be a bargain in the long run. Especially if you are a fan of 3D digital porn, then I would suggest it’s well worth taking out a subscription and seeing if it does advance over the coming year or so.

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