CamasutraVR AR Porn


CamasutraVR naked girl
is an interesting startup site that is still in development, and hopefully still trying to make good on its exciting promise to bring hundreds of digitalized pornstars into your augmented reality world.

Although more in the development stage than ARConk, the site does offer a smartphone app to backers. However, at the time of publication, their Patreon fundraising page appears to be ‘under review’ by content moderators. The fact that their main site has also not yet switched to secure https is also a bad sign. It does have an example of a digital pornstar (Casey Calvert) up in a couple of scenes that show how you will be able to control and interact with her and others like her in just about any way you like. Has to be said that the Uncanny Valley factor is overwhelming at the moment, although the potential is obvious.

digitalized pornstar Casey Calvert